Started fifteen years ago in 1999, Techniche was conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of our nation to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since; and from its humble beginnings, Techniche now revels in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of the nation.
With a reach of thousands of colleges and school students from across the country, Techniche plays a phenomenal role in the bringing out the true potential of the nation's best and promoting technological and social betterment.
In the past, Techniche has brought great and accomplished personalities from all over the world, all branches of study and all walks of life under the same roof to provide an unparalleled learning experience to all its participants and attendees. Techniche has been an extra-ordinary platform to showcase the latest inventions, exhibitions and technological advances from all over the globe and organizes a plethora of events and competitions all designed to make the participants step outside their comfort zones and challenge the institution of conventional thinking. Techniche has also collaborated with various prominent NGOs and undertakes a huge array of philanthropic initiatives for the overall betterment of the society. Its flagship initiative- Guwahati Half Marathon organized for a noble cause and spreading awareness witnesses a participation in thousands from all parts of North-East.
Also, Techniche has been organizing Technothlon- the International School Championship for a decade which gives it the distinction of being the only festival of its kind to pull off a nationwide examination of such standard and magnitude.
All its organizers, participants and contributors came together during Techniche 2012 to celebrate the essence of perfection and pulled off an amazing feat which was applauded by attendees and critics alike. Staying true to the promise it signed off with last year, the fifteenth edition of Techniche is all set to be bigger and better than all its predecessors and counterparts.
Get ready to witness the brand new edition of the prodigious spectacle that is Techniche only at IIT Guwahati from August 29th to September 1st 2013.

"It was my trip to IIT Guwahati in 2009 for Technothlon that motivated me and helped me achieve such a wonderful rank"- Shubham Jain, All India Rank 56 in IIT JEE, 2012.

"Techniche 2012 is the best college festival I have seen in my life."
This was a compliment by Mr. Sumit Agarwal, Head, Partner Networks, Nimbuzz Internet India, Associate Sponsor of Techniche 2012 who visited IIT Guwahati to witness Techniche himself. Nimbuzz had sponsored various college festivals before they sponsored Techniche.
Such accolades continue to thrive us to attain new milestones every year and help sponsors brand themselves in distinctive ways. We at Techniche are proud to present, one of India's best Lecture Series, The Guwahati Half Marathon only half marathon of North East India, Technothlon - international school championship one and only of its kind, Techniche Industrial Conclave - perfect platform for Industry-Academia interaction and Competitions ranging from Robotics to testing business acumen which makes us the only college festival to organize such distinguishing events.

    It features some of the best minds in Technology and Management from around the world with crowd coming from around the nation to witness it.


    A conclave comprising of industry's who's who for Industry-Academia interaction. It includes management students and corporate employees among the participants.


    A sponsor's extravaganza. Posters, hoardings, extensive publicity, media coverage, celebrity ambassadors, large and diverse crowd, the Marathon has everything a sponsor seeks.


    The International level School Championship for students of class IX to XII which drew a participation of 1.75 lakh students and reached over 4000 schools in more than 150 cities in India and abroad, last year.


    It is our attempt to reach every sphere of the society with events like Blood Donation Camp, Social 360, Healing Hands etc.


    This includes Robotics, Predefined (requires pre-preparations), Rush Hour (on spot events) and Corporate for testing management and entrepreneurial skills.

With participation of over 25000 from all across the India and abroad we promise to make the upcoming edition of Techniche bigger and better and better than ever. Techniche, and all that it stands for, is possible today, only because of the generous support of our sponsors. We owe our success to them, and are comitted to using these events to provide them with as many payable results as possible including extensive branding and publicity as well as high market returns.

For any further assistance fell free to contact us!

Nikunj Agarwalla

+91 7896 331 030



"IIT Guwahati raised my estimation of India's ability to take on the world"- Jonar Nader, Australia's higest paid Consultant and Management Guru. He was invited to give lecture in Techniche 2011.

Techniche 2012 had set up a new height to itself as it added new yardsticks in technical and management domains, both of which have come to be associated with the brand Techniche. The variety of events, presence of national and international personalities and a huge participation from all over the country made the technical extravaganza a media favourite for the year 2012 as it is evident from the extensive coverage it enjoyed in online media, print media and electronic media.
Happening with every phase of Techniche, this year too,the participation increased substantially, thanks to Techniche'12 Lecture Series which persisted to be the best Lecture Series of the nation and events team for their remarkable events during Techniche. We also extended our association to our print media partner Assam Tribune which increased the participation from local schools and colleges of Northeast with many articles and advertisements.This year Techniche had many media partners like Business India, Kindle India, Eclectic Times, 160by2.com, Eastern Panorama, Viral Fever, Purvanchal Prahari, India education, Glad magazine . The press conference and Guwahati Half Marathon (GHM) of Techniche '12 was disseminated on Newslive, Dy-365, News time asom, NN-TV, Frontier TV channels and was published in many national and regional news papers . Our Radio Partner Big FM and Television partner Big CBS Spark helped to spread Techniche'12 by broadcasting about Techniche in between their shows and segments. The Guwahati Half Marathon (GHM) along with the high spirits of the participants proved to be a splendid display of emotions towards a greener and safer future. The media coverage of Guwahati Half Marathon, spread like wildfire across the nation. The GHM comfortably made its place in all the national and local newspapers the next day. Techniche?12 also enjoyed associations with Business India Magazine- the first and foremost business magazine of India, where we had advertisements and articles.
The Media houses received massive online publicity, National publicity in more than 200 cities across the countries with a floating participation from more than 2000 Institutions and In-campus publicity amidst a participation of 10000 by incorporating Media logos on the Techniche'12 banners which were spread across the 285 hectare campus.There were articles pertaining Techniche in well known national newspapers like The Times of India, The Hindu,Deccan Chronicle,Indian Express and extensive local publication through newspapers like Telegraph,Dainik Janshadhar, Asomiya Pratidin, Seven Sisters Post, Eastern Chronicle, Amar Asom, Dainik Janmabhoomi, Eenadu, Sakshi, Vaartha etc. Online response of enthusiasts and the general buzz of Techniche '12 on social networking sites displayed the reach of Techniche '12 through massive online publicity.

"Techniche'12 is the best college fest I have seen in my life"- Sumit Chandra Agarwal. Head, Partner Networks, Nimbuzz Internet India. Nimbuzz was the Associate Sponsor of Techniche 2012.

An event's success is measured by the number of participants and the number of sponsors associated with it but it is all possible because of the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. We, at Techniche, have valued the work and commitment of all those people who have helped us through the memorable past 15 years. The Techniche Representative Program was started at Techniche to reach out to the large student community and provide an oppurtunity to help Techniche continue its tradition of excellence. The TechRep will act as an ambassador for Techniche in his/her college and will have responsibilities pertaining to Techniche at his/her school/college.
  • Posters will be sent through courier which are to be put at its correct place like notice boards, etc. and proof of it in form of digital photographs.

  • Mail to all college students through their central mailing system.

  • To acquire permissions (on our behalf) for a venue to organize a Techniche workshop.

  • To dedicate an article about Techniche in their college magazine.--take a picture of the article as a proof.

  • Become volunteers in TECHNOTHLON, the annual school-level aptitude test, and ESCALADE, Nation-wide robotics championship, in their respective cities.

  • Give regular updates to our Publicity Team about the status of Techniche Awareness in your respective college and discuss necessary publicity strategy.

  • Getting atleast 5 participants for Techniche'13.

  • An opportunity to test your talent in publicity and chance to get associate with one of the top Techno-Management festivals of India.

  • Recognition certificates from Techniche, IIT Guwahati for their contribution towards Techniche appreciating your publicity strategy.

  • Your name will be displayed in TechRep page of our website.

  • Only 50% of the GENERAL registration fees will be charged during Techniche.

  • If more than 10 people arrive from your college, you'll not be charged GENERAL registration fees and you'll get a free Techniche t-shirt.

  • If more than 15 people arrive from your college, you'll not be charged GENERAL registration fees, 50% Accommodation fees and you'll get a free Techniche t-shirt.

  • If more than 20 people arrive from your college, you'll be charged NO GENERAL fees, NO ACCOMODATION fees and you'll get a free Techniche t-shirt.

  • * Certificates will not be given just for registering in our tech-rep program.We should be satisfied with your performance through-out the year.For details please contact us at +918876083328 or email us at deepjyoti@techniche.org

  • ** Technothlon website: technothlon.techniche.org, Escalade website: techniche.org/techniche13/#/robotics/escalade

  • Registration for TechRep programme is now closed.

"Technothlon has inspired me a lot. Its always great to be among IITians. Hats off to IIT Guwahati for organizing such events"- Pratyush Pulipaka, a participant of Technothlon 2011.



IIT Guwahati
Assam, India - 781039
Email - info@techniche.org

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