Dear delegates,

It is truly a great honor for me to serve as your Secretary-General for the Fall edition of the IIT Guwahati Model United Nations. On behalf of the entire secretariat, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to what promises to be yet another memorable edition of the IITGMUN.

The world today is at crossroads. The last year has witnessed massive upheavals, pushing the world into an era of uncertainty and change. The world economy and security faces uncertain times with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and the election of Donald Trump in the United States of America. The rise of conservative politics in the Europe and America has opened new avenues for the emerging powers to rise into prominence.

As countries try to grapple with the changing geo-political scenario and the shift of the balance of power, the role of diplomacy, inter-country dialogue and that of the United Nations as a whole comes into sharp relief. The changes in the political landscape has necessitated the formation of new alliances and the dissolution of old friendships, while the increasing competition among nations has brought up new conflicts and issues for the United Nations as a whole to consider.

The MUNing fraternity in the region has made tremendous progress in recent years, and we hope to continue it this time around as well. We hope to see truly diplomatic debates and real life solutions to global issues. The secretariat has been hard at work to design agendas to capture your imagination and to make your delegate experience an unforgettable one. We have a lot of excitement in store for you, and we hope to see you here in September to embark on yet another fateful journey with us.

Looking forward to seeing you here,

Yours’ sincerely,
Ritwik Vatsyayan
IIT Guwahati Model United Nations, Techniche, 2017


MUN Diaries

In March 2015, we unrolled a fresh piece of parchment. We took the quill, dipped it in an inkpot and passed it to you. That crisp parchment is now supple, soaked in the ink of stories. That parchment is now a scroll – the first of many, that would grow over time into the library that is MUN Diaries.

Consider what we’ve seen in the past few months. The aggregate of tens of conferences, hundreds of hours of caucuses and innumerable papers, draft resolutions and votes (and as many of you were very kind to remind, the socials) all put in a gigantic blender that is pouring out the juice one drop at a time.

With each one of you taking the camera, the shroud around MUNing dispelled by just a little bit as the more humane aspects of this academic venture were revealed. But there is a lot more to be uncovered, and not least because you could not take off your diplomatic attire while you donned the storyteller hat! The words of 2015 TED Prize winner and MacArthur fellow Dave Isay, who created the largest ever collection of recorded human voices with StoryCorps describe best what MUN Diaries could do to diplomatic simulation,

“Together, we can create an archive of the wisdom of humanity, and maybe in doing so, we’ll learn to listen a little more and shout a little less”.

View all of your creations.

YouTube Channel


Historic UNSC

While many saw it as a treaty to ensure peace, “The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” was more than once, the root of controversies.Join us at the Historic Security Council of IITG Model United Nations.We present you the opportunity to answer this controversy older than a millennium once and for all.

Security Concerns Regarding Nuclear Non-Proliferation With Special Reference To The Pokhran Tests


Now is the high time to discuss how we can strengthen International trade. Anti-Dumping duties applied by nations on imported goods is causing widespread turmoil in the global market. International Trade is not just a matter of nations but it is something that shapes our everyday lives and the world we live in.

Examining Unfair Trade Practices and Anti-Dumping Measures


In the year 2030, the exponentially expanded population has flattened our Mother Earth. Short of Nuclear War itself population explosion is the gravest issue the world faces. If we do not act now, the problem will be solved by famine, riots, insurrection, and war. Join us to fight unforeseen catastrophe of population explosion.

Combating Global Population Explosion

IITGMUN in the past

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