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About Industrial Conclave

The Industrial Conclave is a one-of-a-kind platform connecting entrepreneurship enthusiasts to industrial big-wigs and visionaries. The conclave boasts itself for providing students, the opportunity to broaden their avenues and learn about the business dynamics of the industry growing at a blisteringly fast pace.

In this 3-day techno-management extravaganza blessed with prominent speakers, the keynote speakers share their enduring experiences and their ambitions that fuel their continuing passion to build new enterprise businesses.


Our Speakers


CEO and MD, Aviva India

Trevor Bull

Aviva, the British multinational insurance is the largest general insurer and a leading life and pensions provider in the UK. Aviva’s CEO, Mr. Trevor Bull is a leader with a rich and diverse experience spanning over 35 years. Having served the highest levels across Asia and Europe, he has accrued unique perspective of these markets over the years. An articulate speaker with an analytical mind, he is a personality that we, the student fraternity zealously yearn to hear more from.


CEO, Dentsu Communications

Ms. Simi Sabhaney

Dentsu Communications is innovating the way brands are built through its best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services. Spearheading this front-runner as its CEO is Ms. Simi Sabhaney, an impeccable leader and an excellent role model. It is a matter of pride and honor to have her grace the Industrial conclave in Techniche 2018 as a keynote speaker. We eagerly await all the interesting insights that she will have on leadership skills and work ethics.


CEO, Greaves Cotton

Nagesh Basavanhalli

With over 20 years of experience across a spectrum of positions, Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli is undoubtedly a leading personality in the automotive sector. Commanding with his exquisite business principles and strategic thinking, he has led the path for his organisations towards remarkable success.


COO, Tata Power

Ashok Sethi

Mr. Ashok Sethi, the COO of Tata Power has been serving the same with a remarkable commitment for almost 4 decades. He is a pride of every institution he has contributed to or has been a part of, including his alma mater IIT-KGP. It is his depth of knowledge and vast experience that makes his presence in Industrial Conclave '18 one of the most coveted ones. We eagerly look forward to hear all of his insights and experiences!


Vice President - Key Accounts, Vertical Markets & Chief Customer Officer, Siemens Limited

Krishnakumar Ramanathan

Siemens- a global tech giant, which has always captivated its customers with aesthetically pleasant products, is now a part of the Industrial Conclave! The year 1847 marked it’s beginning as an electrical engineering company and it has come a long way since then to now become the fourth largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. Heading this corporate behemoth in India as its Chief Customer Officer is Mr. Krishnakumar Ramanathan, who is heartily enthusiastic to grace the conclave with his keynote this year. We eagerly look forward to interacting with him and getting exposure to his ideas.


President and CFO, Cyient

Mr. Ajay Aggarwal

With the advent of modern technical facilities comes an increasing demand for better, more sophisticated and easier-to-use services. Founded in 1991, Cyient is excelling in the field of global engineering service providers. With their consistent hard work and robust leadership, they have also successfully achieved an awe inspiring amount of 50 patents to themselves.


CFO, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Rajneesh Jain

Reliance Jio was founded in 2016. Within the first month, Jio had acquired 16 million subscribers. This was the fastest ramp-up by any mobile network operator anywhere in the world. Jio’s CFO, Mr. Rajneesh Jain is a leader with a rich and diverse experience and countless hours of commendable hard work spanning over more than 30 years. He has certainly established himself as an icon of excellence in the world of commerce. Being a seasoned veteran of entrepreneurship, corporate life, business, and the world in general, he is an ideal source of experience that our student fraternity so ardently needs. It is his immense knowledge and vast experience that make his keynote one of the most awaited in Industrial Conclave '18. We eagerly look forward to hear all of his insights and experiences!


“ The Industrial Conclave motivated me to dig deep into the art of entrepreneurship. Listening to life stories of industrial big wigs here in our very own college was greatly inspiring. From finance to IT, from real estate to entertainment, the speakers were from varied sectors. The networking lunch was my favourite! Provided the oppurtunity to interact personally with the visionaries themselves. Utkarsh Mishra, 1st year, IITG.
-Utkarsh Mishra
“ Occupying the same hall with such illustrious personalities was unreal. Their talks were thought provoking and inspired me to impact millions of lives like the keynote speakers have! The whole event was fascinating. Tanvi Ohri, first year, IITG"
-Tanvi Ohri

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