Lecture series in Techniche has a speaker lineup of esteemed personalities from the field of science and technology. From Nobel laureatues to celebrated scientists and spokespersons, it gives the auidence an insight into the plethora of knowledge and experience that our speakers and panels bring to the table.

webinar series
brinda somaya
Architect and Urban Conservationist
Director, Quantum Hardware System Development at IBM
Mark Papermaster
Chief Technical Officer of AMD
Dionisio Tofaya
Creative Director
Matthew Cunningham
Art Director and Automotive Designer
Scott Parazynski
Christopher Weaver
Founder of Bethesda Softworks
Bruce Alan Beutler
American Immunologist and Geneticist

Prefest lectures
Silvio Pietro Angori
CEO of Pininfarina
William Daniel Phillips
Nobel Prize in Physics

Panel discussion
Dr Puragra GuhaThakurta
Chair, Astrophysics Department, UCSC
Dr Chris Parkes
Spokesperson, LHCb CERN
Dr Viatcheslav Mukhanov
Chair, Cosmology Department, LMU
Dr Nirupam Roy
Assistant Professor IISc