"For all our robotics fans out there! Techniche, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati is back with its 20th edition of Escalade which is biggest and the splashiest robotics competition in North-Eastern India So put your heads together in these gripping challenges and emerge as the one true champion!"


Transcend the Summit

Techniche is proud to announce the winners of our Flagship Robotics event ESCALADE 10.0.

These are the teams that have truly ESCALATED the the niche for Robots among all.

1st position
Team Eastern Bots
2nd position
Team Parmanu
3rd position
Team Predetors

Prizes Worth ₹50,000-/ plus

Registrations are closed


Teams have to build a manually controlled bot that can pick up a wooden block and climb a vertical rope up to a specified height. Teams would be judged on the basis of time taken to reach the mark on the rope.

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Previous Editions

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