Calling all robotics enthusiasts! Techniche, Indian Institute of Technology(IITG) is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 12th edition of Escalade, the most prominent robotics competition in the North Eastern region of India. Get ready to be a part of a premier robotics competition, where dreams become reality and innovation knows no bounds!


Levitate to Radiate

Escalade, the premier robotics competition hosted by Techniche's Robotics module, stands as the foremost event of its kind. It has gained recognition as the largest and most rapidly expanding robotics extravaganza in the Northeast region. With an impressive participation of over 500 individuals and the formation of 100+ teams during the previous year, Escalade has solidified its status as a remarkable platform for showcasing talent and nurturing the growth of robotics enthusiasts.

Prizes Worth ₹ 1.8 Lakhs

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The primary objective of the competition is to evaluate the participants' abilities in designing and operating robots, as well as assessing the performance of the robots in specific assigned tasks. These tasks primarily revolve around testing the robot's capabilities to successfully climb a staircase, navigate along a zipline, and accurately launch projectiles such as balls.

Escalade has successfully completed 12 years with flying colors,which is a testament to its enormous national success.Participants from all over the country compete for the top prize.


This year Escalade will be held in two rounds-

  • Prelims : At respective zonal cities
  • Mains : At IIT Guwahati Campus

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In this exciting and fresh iteration of Escalade 12.0, we present an innovative event that challenges participants to create a robot with the remarkable capabilities of climbing staircases, traversing zip-lines, and accurately shooting balls. This thrilling competition pushes the boundaries of robotics and invites participants to showcase their technical prowess and creativity in designing and operating robots capable of conquering these unique challenges. Get ready to witness the fusion of engineering excellence and strategic thinking as participants take on this extraordinary robotic adventure in Escalade 12.0.

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