"The best way to predict the future is to create it" by Alan Kay

What and Why?

TechExpo is a platform where innovators and creators like you from all around the world can highlight their works and find ways to change the world. This is the place where we strive to teach the scientific aptitude and research - mindedness required to become a pillar in this society. Your projects will be judged and critiqued by researchers, scientists, corporate personalities and Nobel Laureates at IITG as well as give away prizes to the most extraordinary ones. At TechExpo, we help you build the right mindset to make your project a real game changer.

Round Details

There will be 2 rounds -

Round 1

  • Online registration and abstract submission
  • Individual or group participation with minimum one and maximum 4 members

Round 2

  • Final showcase of your project will be done in round 2. Here, the judgement is done based on the working of your project and how you pitch it. Only those who qualify the first round are qualified to participate in the second round

  • No. of qualifiers : A total of 40

  • Round 2 will be held in IIT GUWAHATI. So, you get a chance to visit the IIT GUWAHATI campus.

  • Learn and Grow:Join us in our webinars and AMA sessions with our innovation experts and develop the inspiration to create and confidence to make your own next big project.

Important Dates

  • Registration closing date: 22th JULY 2023

  • First round results: To Be Announced

  • Final round: 1st week of September 2023

Prizes and Perks

  • Win big with Techexpo. Total prize pool worth 2.5 Lacs awaits you! Don't miss your chance to be a winner and grab a share in the rewards!

  • You get the opportunity to showcase your projects to experts and get national level exposure.

  • Interact with judges and professors and get an idea of how to improve your project under their guidance.

  • Not only that but the finalists will be able to attend special events conducted by IITG. These include webinars by industry professionals and experts in the field of techno-management.

Eligibility Criteria & Categories

  • There will be two categories Junior (up to 12th standard) and Senior (up to 30 years)

  • Both categories can have a maximum of 4 members in a team

Highlights of previous editions of TechExpo

Techexpo is one of the most influential tech events in India, proving ground for breakthrough technologies and innovators. Previously on TechExpo we had an amazing response from the innovators all over India, more than 300 projects ranging from laser security systems for crops to multi-utility covid bot were submitted. It had prizes worth more than 2.5 lakh rupees.

Past Speakers

Raja Jamalamadaka

Neuroscience coach
Marshall Goldsmith Awardee

Neuroscience coach, Marshall Goldsmith Awardee, who is a Top 25 LinkedIn Top Voice from India, he has also mentored around 20 early-stage startup founders/boards across 12 countries in the last 10 years.

Anirudh Sharma

Forbes 30 under 30 Awardee
Co-founder, Graviky Labs

He is co-founder of Graviky Labs and Forbes 30 under 30 Awardee. After his tenure as a researcher at MIT, he co-led the nonprofit consortium MIT Media Lab India Initiative with the goal of remodeling and perpetuating self-organized, design-led innovation into the grassroots in India.

Past Judges

Narayan Iyer

Founder I2 Innovate & Science Society of India

Shabeena Shaik

CTO at Led By Foundation
MBA from IIM Allahabad

Sundeep Teki

Leader in AI, ML, Neuroscience , MSc in neuroscience from Oxford

Naveen Kumar

Assistant Professor at GNA University, MTech in aerospace engineering from IIT KGP

Jacob Poulose

COO of mach33.aero
Director and Principal of Social Alpha

Judges Testimonials

Ms. Shabeena Shaik

on TechExpo 2021

Mr. Narayan Iyer

on TechExpo 2021


The organizing quality of TechExpo is just getting better each year. Congrats to the team for conducting the event beautifully despite it being completely online.

Soham Patil (Team Blitzkrieg)

The questions directed to us by the judges were thought-provoking and their feedback has been really valuable for our project.

Taha (Team Turing)

Well-organised. Interacting with the judges and getting their feedback was a valuable experience.

Vibooshitha (Team KNK)

Noteworthy Projects

Top projects of previous editions of TechExpo-

  • EYE-safe - An AI powered app helps you to keep track of your eye health, also give you an alert if any risk condition evolves.

  • Turing - A Web-app helps you to track risk related permission and allowances in terms and conditions, also provides you with legal laws applicable and a riskometer giving appropriate risk feedback.

  • MucoBot - An autonomous robot helps in dealing with covid patients by delivering essential items safely and also sanitizing on the way.

  • AgroPro - A highly efficient and multitasking robot, helpful in optimizing farming activities and thereby increasing productivity and yield.

  • Accidentifier: - by Tech Wanderer - an easy-to-use app that acts as an accident prevention, identification and notification device for motorists.