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  1. All the members of the team are required to register on Techniche by furnishing proper details where each member will get a unique Techniche ID.

  2. If you are team leader, click on proceed to fill Techexpo Registration Form where you will submit all details related to the Techexpo Registration. (Kindly fill in the name of the leader of the team only)

  3. If you are not a team leader, just register on Techniche to get your Techniche ID and share with your team leader to become part of Team.
    Click here to get T-ID

  4. Visit the 'Add Member' page and enter the unique Techniche ID of your colleagues you want to add in your team. (Make sure your colleague is registered on Techniche and have unique a Techniche ID).

  5. An invitation link will be sent to your colleague's email ID .Kindly ask him/her to accept your invitation. Colleague will become confirmed member of your team after accepting the invitation.