Why TechRep?

This responsibility will help you to advance your management skills, understand team dynamics and improve your soft-skills. You get to interact with the student population of the country on a much deeper level and learn to talk to higher authorities.


As a TechRep, you will receive an appreciation certificate from Techniche'17, a chance to attend workshops during the fest and an opportunity to win a lot of goodies. You will also get recognition in the form of name integration on our website.


You will be the face of the IIT Guwahati in your college. You will be responsible for overall conduction of workshops and presentations in your college and thereby promoting Techniche and get maximum participation from your college.

Animesh Jain

CONVENOR, Techniche' 17

Rishav Agarwal

HEAD,PR and Branding, Techniche'17

Mail us at: branding.techniche17@gmail.com

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